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2020-06-12 12:48:36
摘要:重磅消息!ERA20将取代USDT稳定性可靠性受全球认可Big News! USDT Will Be replaced by ERA20Globally Recognized Stability and ReliabilityERA20加密货币 ERA20 Cryptocurr



Big News! USDT Will Be replaced by ERA20

Globally Recognized Stability and Reliability

ERA20加密货币 ERA20 Cryptocurrency



ERA20是由Hyperledger Fabric技术开发,透过四大要素:身份管理、隐私权和机密性、高效处理、链码功能,以增强安全性和更加透明。

Recently, ERA20 announced that they have launched a type of cryptocurrency which is linked to the USD, this stable coin has been approved by Department of Financial Services, New York. The news has attracted many parties at once. Among the stable coins, USDT is the first ranked cryptocurrency stable coin, its market price can go up to 1 billion dollars, ranked second in daily transaction.

In November 2019, ERA invested 500 billion euros in Hong Kong as a mortgage for issued currency, strictly following the reserve guarantee with ratio 1:1, that is the bank account will receive capital guarantee of 1 dollar with each issued ERA20 currency. Talking in another way, ERA20 is also one of the encrypted digital currency, it can be transferred, saved and used through wallet and transaction platform. The special part is that transaction can be carried out in the transaction platform by using the ratio of 1:1 between ERA20 and USD.

ERA20 is developed by Hyperledger Fabric technology, using four main components to enhance its safety and transparency: identity management, privacy and security, high efficiency operation, chain code function.

创办人Michael Huber Founder of ERA20 Michael Huber


他表示:"我们的优势在于拥有五年的全球运营经验"。从亚洲出发,其稳定可靠受到全球认可,强大的全球联系网络,持续地在优化和进步。他指出:"ERA20与国际市场庄家和交易者的合作关系,以及我们的场外交易(OTC)平台都将对ERA20 起到强大推动作用,这些资源帮助ERA20创造了网络效应并让其在全球范围内迅速获得应用。"


During media interview, Michael Huber said: "We found out the market demands on stable coin very early, so that we already started to plan ERA20 program in the beginning of 2018. This type of token can totally replace USDT under strictly supervised operation."

Michael Huber said: "Our superiority is that we have 5 years of globally operation experiences". Starting from Asia, its stability and reliability are agreed by the world, strong global network is improvising and improving continuously. Moreover, Michael Huber pointed out: "The collaboration between ERA20 and international market hosts and dealers, as well as our OTC platform will further promote ERA20, these resources help ERA20 to produce internet effects, results in high speed access of the application globally."

Electronics, payment, issues and entertainment and other consumer related fields have joined the first batch organization of ERA20, in the future we can expect that these fields will be the first users to use the ERA20 payment mechanism, using GBC as the finance basic facilities of common currency can come out with loans, wealth management, smart insurance, crowdfunding and other finance infrastructures.

GBC 数字货币 GBC Global Coin

而ERA20推出"受监管"的GBC数字货币 ,将为各交易商和机构提供更多的选择。



易支付GBC 的价值远远不止于方便交易,原生于数字空间,其账本基于区块链构建,结合智能合约进行治理,天然具有支付与清结算同步,系统共识简单的优良特性,因此交易和支付的成本极低。此外,GBC不受单一政府控制,因此其政治色彩以及主权风险相对主权货币较弱,更易于被视作政治中立的货币,而被不同国家的用户在跨境支付场景。与比特币等抵押加密货币不同,GBC的价值清晰且容易被广泛达成一致,其发行总价值就等于背后抵押资产的全部价值,因此其价值更稳,交易风险更低,更容易在不同支付场景中被交易方采用。

P2P将成为无国界的 P2P,网络上的任意一个个体可以通过其在ERA20系统中留下的数据展示信用,获得来自世界各地的投资者的贷款。与此同时藉着开启GBC世界性流通,达到在我们日常生活衣食住行中广泛的使用。

"Strictly supervised" GBC digital currency launched by ERA20 will provide more choices to dealers and organizations.

By collaborating with the investment plan proposed by ERA20, using an innovative business mode can attract variety of programs to join, from here to increase followers and flow rate, and results with hundred or thousand times of growth, if you missed Bitcoin Ethereum, grab this chance and don't miss GBC!

GBC not only good at its ease of transaction, but also originally born in digital space, ledgers with blockchain construct, it combines smart contract for governance, has payment and liquidation synchronize setting, has superior characteristics of simple system consensus, so the cost of transaction and payment is very low. In addition, GBC is not controlled by solely one government, therefore its political color and sovereign risk are weaker compared to sovereign currencies, so that it is more possible to be seen as politically neutral currency, used by users from different countries during cross-border payment. Different from Bitcoin and other unsecured cryptocurrencies, the value of GBC is clear and easy to be widely agreed, its total value of issue is equal to the full value of the underlying mortgage assets, thus, its value is more stable, has lower transaction risk, easier to be used by transaction parties in different payment.

P2P will become borderless P2P, any individual on the internet can use the data in the system of ERA20 to display credit and obtain loans from investors all around the world. Simultaneously, GBC can be widely used in our daily life by opening up the global circulation of GBC.

G交易平台 G-Exchange


G-Exchange and ERA20 join forces and become global professional smart digital asset trading platform, obtained virtual currency and fiat currency exchange license, digital currency and fiat currency transaction license, currency exchange and remittance license issued by the Central Bank of Singapore. The current plan is to set up operation centers in many countries and regions globally in order to meet the service demands of global users and expand the global market efficiently and comprehensively.


1. 让投资者能够分享G交易所赚取的利润 - GBC。市场上有很多的交易所,但一般上用户在使用交易所时,除了可以让用户享用其平台上的方便和功能外就无其它利益。G交易所最大的优势就是能够让用户透过投资EPP计划而能够分享G交易所的盈利。因为EPP计划里所分发的GBC,有一部分是从交易所赚取的利润来分配给EPP的投资者。

2. 支付平台 - G交易所目前正在对接支付平台,用户以后可以直接在G交易所使用货币兑换加密货币(例如:人民币兑换USDT、人民币兑换ERA20)支付平台的功能能够让G交易所真正的走向全球化。

3. 点对点交易 - G交易所团队目前正在开发P2P功能,通过P2P的模式,G交易所的用户能够更加简单的操作和交易。

4. 手机软件 - 除了开发点对点外,G交易所同时正在开发手机软件。苹果和安卓手机能够下载并缺直接透过手机来操作所有的交易。

5. G交易所的核心团队拥有超过5年在数字资产金融服务的经验,并且使用专业分布式架构和防DDOS攻击系统来打造G交易所,以确保G交易所用户的保障。

6. G交易所将会是ERA20稳定币唯一的官方指定兑换平台。因此,在ERA20火爆上市后,全球所有想兑换ERA20的玩家都必须通过G交易所来兑换。

7. G交易所即将在新加坡落地,因为新加坡是一个走在数字资产金融顶端的一个国家,其对数字资产的法律和政策都会比较严格。相对来说,G交易所能够在新加坡成立必须是经过国家严格审核的。

8. 2万亿欧元的资金证明 - 在G交易所交易的用户绝对可以更加的安心在G交易所里进行交易。

8 superiorities of G - Exchange

1.Allow investors to share the profits earned by G-Exchange - GBC. There are many trading platforms in the market, but there are no other benefits for the users except for them to enjoy the ease and functions of the platform. The main superiority of G-Exchange is that users can share the profits through investing in EPP plan. This is because part of the GBC distributed from EPP plan is the profits earned to be given to the EPP investors.

2.Payment platform - G-Exchange is currently connecting with the payment platform, users can exchange currency with cryptocurrency in G-Exchange directly (e.g. RMB exchange with USDT, RMB exchange with ERA20). The functions of payment platform can assist G-Exchange to expand globally.

3.P2P transaction - G-Exchange team is currently developing P2P function, users of G-Exchange can operate and trade easily via P2P mode.

4.Mobile app - Besides P2P, G-Exchange is developing mobile app at the same time. IOS and Android versions are available, all transaction can be done directly using mobile phone.

5.The core team of G-Exchange has more than 5 years of experiences in digital assets finance services, the team uses professional distributed structure and anti-DDOS attack system to build G-Exchange to ensure the safety of G-Exchange users.

6.G-Exchange will be the only official exchange platform of ERA20 stable coin. Therefore, after ERA hit the market, all users from the world can only use G-Exchange to exchange ERA20.

7.G-Exchange will be set up in Singapore, as Singapore is the pioneer of digital assets finance, the country has strict laws and policies regarding digital assets. In another word, G-Exchange

passed the strict investigation of Singapore and therefore it can be set up in the country.

8. The fund evidence of 2 trillion euros - The users in G-Exchange can trade in G-Exchange at ease. 


ERA20,将成为世界第一稳定的数字货币平台 。

The birth of ERA20 will produce an infinite economy imaginary for global economy, especially cross-border transaction and blockchain economy.

ERA20 will become the world's 1st stable digital currency platform.


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